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BTHCP 020: The Chiropractic Big Idea & Finding Your Life Purpose with Dr. Fred DiDomenico

BTHCP 020: The Chiropractic Big Idea & Finding Your Life Purpose with Dr. Fred DiDomenico

Welcome to the Back to Health Chiropractic Podcast

I’m your host Dr. Marc Dupuis on this show we discuss tips, tools and strategies to improve the health & wellness of you and your family!

Today I’m Excited to bring you our featured guest:

Dr. Fred Didomenico

Dr. Fred DiDomenico has had 4 practices in 14 years, and has help thousands of patients build stronger, healthier bodies and live a better life. Combined with the following years coaching doctors to help more people in their community, he has impacted the strength, health and lives of well over a million people around the world.

He has the purpose to raise the awareness of the general public that proper spinal structure and nervous system function is the foundation of health and life. He is committed to bring this message to people that are suffering with health problems, disability and disease that will continue to degenerate unless they receive this truth.

He is the founder of Elite Chiropractic Coaching & Author of the Fantastic New eBook: Back to Health, A New Awareness of the Role of Your Spine in Your Overall Wellness.

Dr. Fred, welcome to the show.

Dr. Fred, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us!  I have been looking forward to getting to know you for quite some time, I first became familiar with you a number of years ago when I came across an excellent podcast you were doing with Dr. Deed Harrison & Dr. Joe Ferrantelli, which by the way I am very happy to report is back with new episodes!

First and foremost, would you mind telling our listeners a little more about you as a person and especially about how you ended up on the road to becoming a chiropractor?

A recent Gallup study cited that 14% of Americans go to chiropractors and 70% of those believe it’s only about back and neck pain. After 120 years of chiropractic tradition, only 4.2% of the population have a proper understanding of the power that chiropractic has to heal disease and maintain overall health.

How is it that after all of this time so few people, and sadly nowadays so few chiropractors understand the true power of chiropractic?  

And furthermore as a modern day pioneer leading the charge in educating both doctors and the public, how do you explain the chiropractic principle to those that are unfamiliar with the truly amazing healing art?

Thank you for that.  I want to talk about another Universal Law of Healing, which is this:  All healing takes time.  Although it seems like we suddenly become sick, the truth is when we are sick, it was in the days or weeks or months or sometimes even years before that where we actually became unhealthy and lost our ability to adapt to future challenges.  In this day and age when we have pharmaceutical companies spending upwards of 300 BILLION dollars per year to brainwash us into believing the opposite: that time is not needed, rather all we need to improve our health is better chemistry, in the form of more prescription drugs and in fact they have a pill for every ill! How do you educate people about the fact that all healing takes time?

Can you share with our listeners some interesting cases that you have had success with that are not back pain or neck pain related to help our folks gain an appreciation of the healing that can take place when you correct spinal subluxation and improve the function of one’s nervous system?

Dr. Fred, in addition to your excellent new book, Back to Health, which we will have a link to in our show notes page, Do you have any resources that you would recommend to our listeners to learn about the true power of chiropractic? This could be a book, podcast, seminar etc.

Dr. Fred, finally, How can listeners connect or follow you: Social media, websites, email etc.

I will put links to each of the resources that Dr. Fred mentioned as well as links to the ways to follow/connect with him on our show notes page at www.backtohealthchiropracticpodcast.com

Dr. Fred, Thank you so much taking the time out of your busy schedule and for coming on the show today!


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