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BTHCP 012: Launch of the Green Books Series; The Truth Behind Health & Healing

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Launch of Dr. B.J. Palmer’s Green Books Series

Dr. B.J. Palmer

Today I am extremely excited to share with you the first of many readings we will have from Dr. B.J. Palmer’s Green Books.  Dr. B.J. Palmer was the modern developer of chiropractic and over the course of his many years as a clinician, researcher and professor, he created a profound volume of writings based on his observations and what he learned about health & healing.

The information, ideas and concepts he discussed has never been more needed than right now, in our present time.  Despite our abundance of modern technology, especially in the health care sector, we are all being manipulated or “educated” to believe that all we need is the right drug to “fix” or “cure” any, and all health challenges that we face.  All one needs to do is watch 10 minutes of any TV program or read virtually any magazine, newspaper or article and you will quickly be shown ads telling you to “just ask your doctor if super drug XY or Z is right for you” then you will hear over the next 30 seconds or see in the fine print, all of the ways said super drug can harm or even kill you with its “side effects”.

Folks, it really is quite simple when you really, really, think about.  All healing does in fact come from within.  The power that made the body heals the body.  From the moment we are born, our innate intelligence is running the show by regulating & controlling every single one of our vital functions.  Our incredible innate intelligence is transmitted throughout our entire body via our Nervous System, which is THE master control system of our entire body, which controls & regulates the function of every cell, tissue, gland & organ in our body.

Think about this: We have never had to download an app or read to book to figure out what are heart rate should be or what our respiration rate should be not matter what activity we are doing.  We never have to concentrate on how to digest whatever it is that we put into our mouths.  We never have to think about how to grow new skin cells when we suffer from cuts & abrasions.

Now many people, especially many healthcare providers and even some chiropractors are quick to discount or even discredit Dr. B.J. Palmer’s books, however, the irony is that most of them that do have NEVER even read ANY of them.  I think the main reason is due to these folk’s ego.  Here is what I mean.  If all health and healing comes from within, which it in fact does.  Then doctors need to understand that THEY do not cure.  No doctor ever has.  No doctor ever will.  That is a hard pill for many to swallow.  Now, the orthopedist may set that broken bone in the best possible position for healing, but come on, that patient’s innate intelligence is responsible for actually mending that bone.  That patient’s body controls and regulates the numerous processes that have to occur perfectly, their innate intelligence sends osteoclast cells to resorb the rough edges of the fractured bone, then it sends and coordinates the action of osteoblast cells which actually create new bone as well as sending fibroblast cells which produce new collagen fibers within the new bony matrix.  That is an amazing & beautiful thing.

Now, one of Dr. Palmer’s key lessons that comes up numerous times in his writing is this; Our innate intelligence often becomes at odds with what we learn through our educated intelligence.  Here is a modern example; The pharmaceutical industry spends over 3 billion dollars each year, in an attempt to educate us into thinking that the way to health and healing is by finding the right drug.  Did you know that they spend even more in their education of doctors to make them believe that they can cure their patients by using their drugs?  It’s true, look at the role they take in funding medical school education and especially in financing continuing educational opportunities for doctors.  For these reasons and many more, there is much we can learn from what I am about to read.  Therefore, without any further ado, here are words from Dr. B.J. Palmer:

Green Book: The Bigness of the Fellow Within 
Chapter 9, “Who Knows More?”

I hope you enjoyed this reading from Dr. B.J. Palmer.  Remember: All health & healing comes from within.

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