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“Treat the Patient, not the infection” Cellular Theory vs. Germ Theory

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Today I want to share a recent blog post that stirred up quite a bit of attention.  The core of today’s discussion involves a critical look at long held belief, championed by French biologist, Louis Pasteur that germs cause disease and that the condition of the body or host does not play any role.  Louis Pasteur’s biggest rival was French scientist Antoine Bechamp.  Antoine Bechamp is responsible for our title quote, “treat the patient, not the infection”.  He believed that the way to prevent disease was to build up the health of the host’s body (or terrain as he called it) through proper diet, hygiene and healthy lifestyle habits. He saw the host’s body as terrain,

Ultimately, Pasteur’s ideas were accepted by society and really led to our modern western medical system that is based on antibiotics, drugs and vaccinations while Bechamp’s ideas were mostly forgotten.  What most people do not know and is quite ironic is this: At the end of his life Pasteur renounced his own germ theory and admitted that Bechamp was right all along.  In fact, Louis Pasteur’s last words were “The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything”.

Now on to the quote that our blog post began with:   

“If the Germ theory were true, no one would be alive to believe it!” This quote by Dr. BJ Palmer may sound silly to many educated people, however, for those with the most up to date, researched based education on the human immune system, it actually makes a lot of sense. Think about it: As of May 1, 2020, the COVID-19 virus has been attributed to 235,000 deaths worldwide.

There are approximately 3,337,000 confirmed cases worldwide. There are  2,047,000 active cases world-wide, 98% of those infected have mild symptoms while 2% are in serious or critical condition.  Over 1,054,000 have fully recovered from COVID-19. New research shows that there are likely 50x more people that have had it but have never been tested since the majority of people infected (~80%) will have mild symptoms and a majority of them will not even require ANY medical intervention, therefore they are not being tested and thus are not being counted.

So, if the majority of those who have recovered required little to no medical attention, what is the difference between those that have died and those that survived? It’s the same virus that infected both serious and mild cases. The difference has to be in the condition of the HOST, not the virus itself!

Here is a simple but accurate analogy. Think of the body as a mansion. Now think of two mansions on the same street. The first one has not been well maintained. It has large cracks in the foundation, there are holes in the siding, the roof is in disrepair and is leaking. The garbage has never been taken out, so the basement is filled with countless bags of it rotting away. The homeowners left the pantry with boxes and bags of junk food half open and spilled out onto shelves and ground.

The second mansion has been well maintained. The foundation does not have any damage, the exterior siding is air-tight and has an extra layer of insulation. The roof is intact and does not leak. There is no garbage left in the house. The homeowners have kept the pantry clean, all foodstuffs are kept in sealed containers.

Which mansion do you expect to eventually become overrun (infected) with rats? Of course, the first mansion. The first mansion has all of the ingredients needed for rats to thrive in it! The problem with the first mansion is not the existence of rats. Rats have been around long before the mansions were built. The problem is the first mansion has become the perfect host for rats. The owners of the first mansion can pay exterminators to kill off the rats, but if they do not fix the cracks in the foundation, patch the holes in the siding and roof and if they do not get rid of the garbage, clean and secure the food in the pantry…. The rats will come back! That is not hard to understand.

This is how it works with the human body. When not properly cared for it can become a suitable host for pathogens like bacteria and VIRUSES to cause damage. The problem is not the bacteria or virus itself. The problem is with the person’s body has become a suitable host.

If you are still stuck on the belief that the problem is the virus or bacteria think about this: The human body is made up of about 70 trillion cells. Did you know that we have 10x the amount of bacteria on us and IN us! What is even more interesting, is that a plethora of research has shown that many of those bacteria species live symbiotically in us, promoting numerous factors of health for the human host. The complete collection of bacteria that live on & in us is considered our microbiome.

When a person has a wide variety of beneficial bacteria, those helpful bacteria can keep more dangerous bacteria populations in check. It is true that each and everyone of us, have countless species of bacteria in us & on us every single day that are capable of causing disease but are kept in check by both the action of friendly bacteria and actions of our immune system.

Now for the kicker: Did you know that in reference to our 70 trillion cells, we have an estimated 100X the amount of…….VIRUSES in & on us! The total of all of the viruses in & on us is considered our virome! And, just like our microbiome, it appears that a number of these viruses are also contributing to our overall health! This is a rapidly emerging area of science (a search on pubmed.gov for human virome yields 588 results vs. a search for human microbiome that yields 62,037 results!) but as of now it appears that the virome is likely to behave similarly to that of our microbiome. The majority of the viruses that make up our virome are symbiotic in nature however some of them are likely to be capable of causing disease but only if they get out of balance with regards to the friendly viruses & our immune system.

Now you should be able to understand the main fault in the overly simplistic germ theory of disease that Dr. BJ Palmer and many other top scientists pointed out over 100 years ago. The problem is not the germ, the problem is with the host!

So, simply relying on just wearing a mask & gloves to keep you safe from this virus or any future pathogens without taking the steps to improve the overall integrity of your body is a short-sighted plan that will likely lead to a false sense of security. Doing so is no different than covering up the second broken down mansion with a tarp and hoping that will keep the rats out!

Here are some action steps you can take to shore up your mansion’s (body’s) defenses.

1. Sleep 8 hours per night (for adults, children 9-10 hours per night)

2. Exercise regularly

3. Have your spine regularly checked for subluxation (fixed spinal joints) and get adjusted as needed to remove subluxations. This is engineering 101. Structure determines function. If there are structural imbalances in your spine, it will result in abnormal body function.

4. Reduce the intake of processed flour (nutrient dead food) and especially processed sugar. Processed sugar is inflammatory in nature (medical folks: think of the impact on the cytokine storm!) and is an immunosuppressant.

5. Increase the intake of non-GMO/Organic vegetables, particularly those high in vitamins A & C (liver, sweet potato, carrots, spinach, broccoli, red pepper, cauliflower, kale, yellow pepper). Most people know about the immune supporting actions of vitamin C, however, vitamin A is just as important, in fact, it Is critical in the building of a sound epithelium, which is like the siding on the mansion!

6. Optimize your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D directly influences immune system function!

7. Each day take action to manage STRESS. This can be done in just 10-15 minutes per day but is so very important since unchecked stress can lead to adrenal fatigue which can significantly suppress your immune system. Some examples of ways to do so: Breath work, prayer and meditation.

So there you have it. Take the steps recommended by state & federal officials to stay safe and TAKE ACTION to build up your body and your body’s defenses so that you will NOT be a suitable host for this virus or any other pathogen! 207-324-7098

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